Representative Cases

Represented large independent music publisher in arbitration against its former UK CEO, who had diverted to his own company royalties belonging to the client. After three days of hearings, obtained settlement valued at over $20 million.

Represented hedge fund in claim against former employee/analyst and his new fund employer for breach of restrictive covenants. After obtaining discovery from former investor solicited by defendants, achieved a seven figure settlement.

Defended a large group of New York area UPS Store franchisees against a terminated franchisee’s claims arising out of their alleged role in franchisor’s termination of plaintiff’s franchises. Obtained summary judgment dismissing all claims after discovery.

Defended prominent satellite and aerospace company in action by Indian telecom company alleging breach of joint venture agreement and seeking $100mm in damages. After serving motion to dismiss, settled for less than $50,000.

Prosecuted satellite and aerospace company’s claims for coverage under D&O policy obtaining $20 million in coverage by settlement and judgment.

Represented mezzanine lender in post-arbitration litigation against former CEO who embezzled millions from the client. Confirmed multimillion dollar award as enforceable federal judgment, obtained injunction against former CEO’s disparagement campaign, and procured pre-discovery dismissal of CEO’s counterclaims.

Prosecuted claim for breach of shopping center lease, resulting in modification of lease providing substantial landlord concessions to client and recovery of most attorneys’ fees.

Prosecuted claim in UNCITRAL arbitration to recover damages under satellite services lease, obtaining substantial six figure award including attorneys’ fees.

Defended hedge fund manager in action by fund partner complaining of 80% decline in value of its $100mm investment.

Represented California court appointed receiver for medical provider finance company in two New York matters, including foreclosure of $9mm mortgage on hospital property.

Represented family partnerships and trusts in action against major New York bank to recover $1mm in custodial fees overcharged on $150mm portfolio.

Served for 15+ years as outside general counsel for U.S. distribution subsidiary for largest Israeli agricultural exporter.

Defended real estate company against $300,000 electricity overcharge claim by Manhattan office building tenant.

Brought arbitration to compel clients’ former employer, a major investment bank, to enforce its fee agreement with a private equity firm in which clients had multimillion dollar participation. Obtained settlement pursuant to which bank, at its expense, brought fee collection action against PE firm.

Represented trustee of Norwegian securities firm and seven Norwegian municipalities in connection with U.S. litigation arising from total loss of $150mm derivatives investment.

Represented trustee of bankrupt film company, and company’s secured lender, in action against former directors and auditors of company, based on fraudulent audited financial statements. Handled settlement negotiations with defendants’ insurers (D&O and professional liability), and obtained $7.5mm settlement, and bankruptcy court approval thereof, at the pleading stage.

Represented owner of mutual fund administrative services company in negotiating highly favorable settlement of complex fraud claims brought by liquidators of Bermudian insurance company founded by client.

Prosecuted claim by GE real estate subsidiary, as owner of major Manhattan office building, against tenant that refused to pay its share of capital expense associated with re-pointing building’s brick veneer. Obtained almost all of the claimed amount during private mediation.

Defended work-out firm in action brought by lenders to Burger King franchisees against claims that work-out firm tortiously interfered with loan agreements by advising franchisees to default on loans as part of restructuring their debt to franchisor. Obtained summary judgment dismissing case against client.

Represented owners, directors and officers of champagne producer in shareholder derivative action by notorious corporate raider. Obtained summary judgment dismissing action.

Represented hedge fund principal in action against tax accountant for malpractice in connection with late filings. Obtained majority of loss in settlement negotiated with defendant’s insurer.

Defended a heavy machinery manufacturer against claims that its “rock crusher” failed to process all-purpose waste at a warranted rate, causing a regulatory shutdown of the plaintiff’s recycling plant. The plaintiff’s $10 million case was dismissed after a seven-day bench trial in federal court.

Obtained a mid-six figure arbitration Award in favor of our Canadian client, a vitamin distributor, based on the client’s claim that the respondent, an American vitamin manufacturer, had wrongfully terminated its distribution contract.

Represented a woman who had started a home-based business in 1965 with her boyfriend. After the couple had grown the business into a multi-million-dollar brand, the personal relationship ended, and the boyfriend disavowed the client’s ownership interest. Obtained a high seven-figure settlement on the eve of trial.

Represented a discharged investment banker in his action against a major multi-national investment bank for breach of a severance agreement, resulting in a jury verdict awarding our client 100% of damages sought as well as attorneys’ fees.

Represented a real estate broker in his action to recover a commission on his client’s secret purchase of a $10 million multi-use building in mid-town Manhattan. Soon after filing the complaint, we negotiated a six-figure settlement before the start of discovery.

Represented a medical consultant who had, in consideration of services rendered to a national drugstore and retailer, received stock options. After the consultant had stopped providing services, the retailer cancelled the client’s remaining options, without advance notice. Obtained the majority of the cancelled options’ value in a settlement at the conclusion of discovery.